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We’re Heroic.

The social training platform built to change the world by helping you be the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

We’re also a Public Benefit Corporation owned by our community, and in March of 2021 we made history with the support of 2500 investors from 75 countries around the world as the first company to raise $5M via the new Reg CF crowdfunding regulations (part of our $11M Seed round). To learn more about how to join (and own part of!) the movement as an Early Stage Investor in Heroic, head here: heroic.us/invest

Back to our Heroic social training platform.

The basic idea?


Heroic will be kinda like a Calm meets MasterClass meets world-class habit tracking for Heroes with ONE goal in mind: Helping you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery… TODAY!!

We’re not going to help you reduce your stress per se, we’re going to teach you how to EAT IT LIKE AN ENERGY BAR as you go out and give us all you’ve got!

We’re building our Heroic Training platform with MetaLab—the best product company in the world. To put it in perspective, they built Slack, Tinder, Uber Eats and the app for Elon Musk’s new business Neuralink.

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Basic Training in Heroic is going to start with a question.

Do you happen to know what the word hero means?

Here’s our founder and Chief Executive Philosopher Brian Johnson with the answer:

And here’s the answer inline…

The word Hero is an ancient Greek word.

Etymologically, the word hero doesn’t mean “killer of bad guys” or “tough guy” or anything like that it. It means “PROTECTOR." 

A hero has strength for two. And, very importantly, a hero is willing to do the HARD work to HAVE that strength for two. 

And, do you know what the secret weapon of the ancient hero was? 


It’s LOVE that fuels our commitment to DO that hard work to HAVE that strength for two. It’s LOVE that gives us the Courage to be willing to act in the presence of fear. It’s LOVE that gives us the Self-Mastery to do what needs to get done whether we feel like it or not.

And… If you haven’t noticed, our world needs Heroes today more than ever before.

We’re not just recovering from the effects of a global pandemic with COVID-19. We have global pandemics of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY. Of chronic diseases like CANCER and DIABETES. We have global pandemics of POLITICAL POLARIZATION and SOCIAL INJUSTICE.

And, you know what? The ONLY possible way we’re going to rise up and conquer these challenges is if WE all rise up and show up as the best, most heroic versions of ourselves.

Again: Our world needs Heroes TODAY more than ever before. 

To put it directly: We need YOU to be a HERO.

To put it even more directly: YOU ARE A HERO. We just need you to show up and act like it.

That’s why we created Heroic.

It’s time to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery and BE the best, most Heroic version of yourself.

Welcome to your Training Platform, Hero.

Want a deeper introduction? Here’s Brian again, with a long-form video introducing Heroic from the set of Basic Training.

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